Choosing To Remove Garbage

3 Tips For Using Garbage Removal Services After A Power Outage

When a power outage occurs for an extended amount of time, you may have a lot of waste piled up in your refrigerator, freezer, and other parts of your home. Follow our tips to get the most out of the garbage removal services and help keep your house clean once the power has been restored.

1. Wait Until The Dumpster Arrives

When you have an extended power outage, a majority of the items in your refrigerator have probably gone bad. If you start to remove the items too early, you will attract a lot of insects to the foods. Fruit flies, maggots, house flies, and other insects will look to the rotting food as a feeding source.

Wait until a dumpster rental arrives so you can transfer items directly from the refrigerator to the dumpster. If you need to clean out the fridge early, consider large zip-lock storage bags to place items in. You do not want the rotting scents exposed to the air.

2. Refreeze Items

Along with the refrigerator, you will also want to clear out a freezer after an extended power outage. If your power was recently restored, you are better off waiting for the items to refreeze before disposing of them. If you transfer thawed items from the freezer, you could have a big mess on your hands. 

The items will thaw out again inside the dumpster, but you will not have to worry about dripping ice cream, leaking meats, or other problems associated with thawed out food products. Once the items are frozen again, bag everything up and place the bags directly inside the dumpster.

3. Broken Electronics

Large power surges could have a big impact on the electronics in your home, especially devices without a surge protector. Once your power has been restored, test out all the electronics in your home. Items like printers, fans, and radios could have been impacted by a power surge.

If the electronics no longer work, repairs would likely cost more than just replacing the item. Use a dumpster to dispose of the electronics and help eliminate the bulky waste from your home. When you do test out the electronics, make sure you test multiple outlets to ensure the problem is the electronic device and not the actual outlet.

If you see an error code on items, you can look up the code to see if the error is related to power surges and malfunctions.

A dumpster rental goes a long way to help with clean-up after the storm and will expedite the process to return your home back to normal.